Free of Falls in 2009!
Falls are a leading cause of serious injuries.   Fortunately, many of
these falls can be prevented.  Improved Functions takes a
comprehensive, pro-active approach to reducing your risk of falling.  
By working with your physician,  we will:
  • Discuss your personal concerns and goals
  • Perform a thorough assessment of your strength and flexibility
  • Perform a gait analysis and other functional tests
  • Conduct a computerized balance assessment
  • Assess the use of any current assistive devices
  • Perform a battery of functional tests

After compiling the necessary information, we will work with you and
your physician to establish a program to Improve your Function.  
Among the areas we focus on are:
  • Development of your personalized strengthening and flexibility
  • Balance and vestibular
  • Gait and other functional activity training
  • Education on home safety and exercises
  • Constant re-assessment to help insure you are working toward
    your achieving your goals

If you or a loved one feel unsafe on your feet, have had a fall or just
can't do the things you use to, we can help.
To make an appointment, please call our office: (630) 386-2002.